April 12, 2007

Be a man! Kick, punch, bite… scream!

Posted in Entertainment, Film, Media, Movies, Star Wars at 9:33 am by deadlikeme

distantdrums3.jpgThe Wilhelm Scream has appeared on the big screen countless times. Probably everyone of us has heard it at least once, yet not many know that they have heard a stock sound effect that is over half a century old.

It started in 1951 with the movie Distant Drums, starring Gary Cooper. For a scene a man was dragged under water by an alligator, his scream was recorded later. The recorded scream was archived by Warner Bros. and has since been used in many, many movies.

First, the Wilhelm Scream was only used in Warner Bros. productions but then sound designer Ben Burtt decided to use it in Star Wars (1977). Since then its use has become very popular amongst sound designers and directors. When Peter Jackson heard about the history of the Wilhelm Scream, he even insisted on using it in Lord of the Rings.

Some movies that used the Wilhelm Scream:

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, Spaceballs, Batman Returns, Toy Story, Spider-Man, Kill Bill, Sin City, King Kong (2005), X-Men 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Superman Returns

For a full list click here (IMDB list).

If you want to hear the scream, click here (.wav format)

You can also search YouTube for compilation videos, it’s fun watching all those different movie scenes the Wilhelm Scream has been used in.


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