April 12, 2007

LHC reaches temperatures colder than deep outer space

Posted in Education, Science, Technology at 12:35 am by deadlikeme

lhc4.jpgOne sector of the world’s largest particle accelerator, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), has been cooled down to a temperature of 1.9 K (‑271°C). This is colder than outer space (2.7 K). These low temperatures are needed for the superconducting magnets to work properly (no resitance for the current flow).

Cooling down the entire 27 kilometer long LHC would cause a very noticeable shrinkage of about 10 meters.

The LHC is scheduled to switch on in late 2007. Personally, I am very interested if the Higgs Boson(s) will experimentally be verified. Though I am sceptical if the energies are high enough to verify extra space dimensions. But depending on how large those extra dimensions are, we might see the creation of a mini black hole.

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