May 16, 2007

Baby Get Your Gun

Posted in Family, Fun, Humor, Life, Media, Society at 8:10 am by deadlikeme

babyid.jpgThis baby’s name ain’t Annie Oakley but Howard David Ludwig.

He is 11 month old, can’t talk or walk but has his own Firearm Owner’s Identification Card from the state of Illinois.

Howard’s grandfather bought him a shotgun as a gift, so his father applied for the FOID. And since there are no age restrictions on the cards the baby got an official gun permit.

The card lists the baby’s height at 2 feet, 3 inches (69cm) and his weight as 20 pounds (9kg) and has a scribble where the signature should be.

To quote Annie Oakley:

When I’m with a pistol
I sparkle like a crystal,
Yes, I shine like the morning sun.
But I lose all my luster
When with a Bronco Buster.
Oh you can’t get a man with a gun.



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  1. adam said,

    hahaha that is amazing. god.

    i bet that’ll get the girls.

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