May 25, 2007

Dancing toddler destroys buddhist sand painting

Posted in Buddhism, Family, Fun, Humor, Life, Religion at 9:22 am by deadlikeme

mandala.jpgEight Tibetan monks spend two days creating an intricate sand painting, when a dancing toddler destroyed their work within seconds. The site of crime was Union Station in Kansas City.

Were the monks angry? Apparently they just smiled and started over.

Visit the Kansas City Star to watch the surveillance footage of this evil toddler.

Sand paintings are an artistic tradition of Tantric Buddhism. Colored sand is used over a period of days, or even weeks to create an image of a mandala. Those paintings can be quite elaborate.

P.S.: just for fun, here is a video of a break dancing toddler. Prepare to be amazed!

UPDATE (03.08.2007): just noticed the Kansas City Star article has expired, so if you want to watch the video click here  instead.


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  1. As a friend pointed out to, the whole idea with sand mandala’s is to teach the monk’s about impermanence. They erase the mandala after all their hard work. So, as my friend mentioned, they got two lessons for one since they will rebuild it.

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