June 1, 2007

Homeland Security calls upon Sci-fi writers

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sci-fi.jpgThe group is called SIGMA and was put together 15 years ago. Now, the Homeland Security Department is calling on the group for help.

Homeland Security invited SIGMA to attend a conference on Science and Technology last week. SIGMA‘s motto is “Science Fiction in the National Interest.” To join the group, you have to have at least one Ph.D or medical degree.

Christopher Kelly, spokesman for Homeland Security’s Science and Technology division: “We need to look everywhere for ideas, and science-fiction writers clearly inform the debate.

Read the STL Today and USA Today articles for more.

On why they offer their ideas to the government, Ringworld author Larry Niven:

“To save civilization. We do it in fiction. Why wouldn’t we want to do it in fact?”



  1. http://pressposts.com/Education/Homeland-Security-calls-upon-Sci-fi-writers/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Homeland Security calls upon Sci-fi writers”

  2. Sigma: Just an elitist vanity group.
    Christopher Kelly said, “We need to look everywhere for ideas…“ then ridiculously high requirements were set for entry to Sigma or participation.
    Typical government-think.
    Historically, the best solutions to real problems come from those in the field, not from the brass & gas crowd at the top.
    Ed Howdershelt – Abintra Press
    Science Fiction & Semi-Fiction
    My “3rd World Products, Book 1” on Fictionwise Top 50 page:

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