July 29, 2007

Oscar, the Grim Reap-purr

Posted in Animals, Biology, Life, Mystery, Nature, Science at 5:57 pm by deadlikeme

cat.jpg2-year old cat Oscar can predict the death of patients in a nursing home in Providence, Rhode Island.

So far Oscar has foreshadowed the death of 25 patients, by curling up beside them a few hours prior to their death.

His track record not only got him a mention in the New England Journal of Medicine but also an own Wikipedia page.

USA Today article

P.S. dogs are known to be able to predict epileptic seizures and sniff out different kind of cancer. Can they also be trained to smell an upcoming death?


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  1. Connie Bruce said,

    It’s not magic people it’s just a cat who can recognize likely that a person is closer to death. It’s an interesting story though to see that at the end of a person life there’s a creature at a person side when they go on into the end of their life’s journey.

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