January 22, 2008

Bigfoot on Mars?

Posted in Astrophysics, Mars Mission, Mystery, Science, Science Fiction, Space, Universe at 3:35 pm by deadlikeme


An old snapshot taken by Mars Rover Spirit seems to contain a mysterious figure walking downhill. Take a look at the picture and judge for yourself if it’s really an alien or just an odd rock formation.

check the dailymail.co.uk article for more and a higher resolution image of the above.

EDIT: I tracked down the original NASA image, you can watch it here (Resolution: 12756 x 3487, Size: 5.6MB); the “formation” is indeed visible on the lower left side, so at least it’s not a Photoshop fake



  1. Stephen said,

    Now that’s reason to fund the space program!

  2. Ed Darrell said,

    Tiny Bigfoot! A new species, perhaps.

  3. Interesting photo, doubt its anything but just shadowing and an interesting rock formation

  4. Geoffrey said,

    What’s the scale on this picture? Like how big is this … thing? Remember the “face” on Mars, which turned out to be, you know, coincidental and not a face? Well, the scale for that was huge, like as big as a city or something. Is the scale for this thing similar? smaller?

  5. Kelson said,

    It’s near the bottom of the photo, so it’s close to the rover. The scale is probably on the order of inches.

    Personally, I found the layered sedimentary rocks in the full photo more interesting!

  6. Dude, it’s Bin Laden.

  7. jj said,

    After examining the images that I enhanced with PSP of the “Sasquatch on Mars,” I somewhat can identify a nose maybe? What do you think? I’ve posted them at my blog:


  8. Hellopayton said,

    Zomgz bin laden are takin the wurld over :0 :0 :0

    That was a really sweet photo. I highly doubt it’s a real alien, though, but nothing is impossible!

  9. sam wilde said,

    My studies indicate that the Bigfoot race on Mars adapted to the declining availability of water over the last billion years by shrinking down to about 6 inches in size. This would dramatically lower the water demand of their circulatory systems, which is nearly twice the level of terrestial species. Of course, females and juveniles would be somewhat shorter than 6 inches.

  10. georgieboy said,

    I have made a site about this whole thing, http://www.bigfootonmars.wordpress.com
    Anyway,To me it looks like chewbacco of star wars LOLZ!!!Anyways….
    It could be true, im not sure.Who came up with aliens, someone just thought of it, or someone saw this.BUT, It could be true,some people stay its a statue, BUT, why would someone simply go off to mars and put a big scary statute there.No-one knows, we will just have to see what nasa says….Kinda creepy to me

  11. no people, that was me on my summer vacations.

  12. hahaha very funny!

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