November 12, 2008

Batman vs Batman

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why-so-seriousA city named Batman is suing Warner Bros. for royalties regarding The Dark Knight.

Huseyin Kalkan, the mayor of Batman, a city in southeastern Turkey, is accusing the producers of “The Dark Knight” of using the city’s name without permission.

“The mayor is prepping a series of charges against Nolan and Warner Bros., which owns the right to the Batman character, including placing the blame for a number of unsolved murders and a high female suicide rate on the psychological impact that the film’s success has had on the city’s inhabitants.”

for more info go to Variety


November 2, 2007

Super Mouse created in lab: Superhero or Supervillain?

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supermouse.jpgThese mice are super fast, super fit, super long living and super sexy. But they also seem to be super aggresive.

Richard Hanson and his team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland conducted a standard genetic modification to a single metabolism gene to study the biochemistry at play in metabolism. To their own surprise they created a breed of super mice.

They can run non-stop for five hours at a speed of 20 metres per minute. They are 10 times more active than ordinary mice. They do eat twice as much though, but without getting fat. They also live longer, have more sex and can breed well into old age. But one downside is, they are very aggressive.

The first super mouse was created four years ago by injecting a highly active form of a gene for an enzyme called Phosphonenolpyruvate Carboxykinase (PEPCK-C) into a mouse embryo. The results of the studies are puplished in the current issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

By the way, the gene that got manipulated in the mice is also present in humans. Super athlets, super soldiers… super villains? Que sera sera, the future’s not ours to see.

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May 8, 2007

A different kind of Spider-Man

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spider-boy.jpg9-year-old Jesse Courtney had spiders living in his left ear.

In the first few days Jesse kept hearing a faint popping, “like Rice Krispies” he told his mother. Eventually it started to really hurt.

The doctor irrigated Jesse’s ear and out came a spider, dead. After a second dousing another one was flushed out, and this one was still alive.

Jesse was given the two spiders (now both dead) as a souvenir. He has taken them to school and his mother Diane has taken them to work. “Everyone we’ve told this story to has told me … they haven’t slept very well,” Diane said. “I know they’re not very big, but when they’re in your ear, they’re big enough.”

For more, read the Albany Democrat-Herald article.

April 25, 2007

Superman beware, kryptonite is real

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kryptonite.jpgKryptonite is known to have detrimental effects on Superman. His first encounter with kryptonite was not in the comics, but on the radio series The Adventures of Superman.

Anyway, in the movie Superman Returns, Lex Luther steals a rock containing kryptonite. That rock was a sodium-lithium-boron-silicate-hydroxide compound.

A mineral matching the kryptonite’s chemistry has recently been found.

Today, the Natural History Museum of London reveals the mineral for the first time to museum visitors.

Natural History Museum Article

Watch a video about the new mineral.