July 31, 2007

237 reasons why people mate

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mate.jpgTwo researchers from Texas asked more than 2000 men and women for their reasons on why they have sex.

Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss, psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin, have categorized 237 reasons and published them in the August 2007 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The answers ranged from “It feels good” to  “I wanted to punish myself”.

The four general categories are:

  • Physical Attraction

  • Goal Attainment

  • Emotional Reasons

  • Insecurity

Instead of listing the most common reasons, here are some more unusual reasons:

I wanted to get a job

I wanted to feel closer to God

it was a favor to someone

I felt sorry for the person

I wanted to get rid of a headache

I wanted to stop my partner’s nagging

I wanted to relieve “blue balls”

for more read the New York Times article or the Original Publication (PDF file).


June 20, 2007

Mission To Mars: ESA calls for candidates

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for candidates to participate in up to three isolation and confinement studies. The first study starts in May 2008.

Except for weightlessness and radiation, the simulation will be as close to a real Mars mission as possible. The candidates will be selected based on education, professional experience, medical fitness and social habits.

All in all the studies can take more than two years (Pilot study: 100 days, Mars Mission: 520 days, Follow-up studies: up to one year).

Some criterias for applicants:

– 25 to 50 years
– English and Russian (fluency in one and working knowledge of the other language)
– Non-smokers, no addicitons (alcohol, illicit drugs, etc.)
– Availability for the whole duration of the studies
– Candidates nationality is restricted to following ESA member states: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada)

For successful conpletion of the entire study, the respective volunteer will receive a fixed compensation (I hear it’s 120 Euros per day).

Submission deadline is September 30th, 2007.

For more information and the application form visit the ESA website.

June 15, 2007

Judge rules “No girlfriend for you until 2010”

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solitude.jpg24-year-old Steven Cranley is not allowed to have a girlfriend for the next three years.

A judge in Ontario (Canada) has banned Cranley from relationships until 2010 as a result of a violent argument he had with his ex-girlfriend and her roommate. Cranley assaulted both women and also cut the phone lines in the home to prevent them from calling the police.

Cranley was diagnosed with a “dependent personality disorder“, meaning he can’t handle rejection very well.

Being such a bad-breaker-upper he is a threat to anyone he becomes romantically involved with, hence the “no girlfriend for the next three years” sentence.

United Press International

May 27, 2007

Japanese kids scare themselves sick

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ghoststories.jpgCan you scare someone sick simply by telling ghost stories?

Students from Sakai Municipal Mikunigaoka Junior High School were on a field trip when eleven of them where rushed to hospital. They were hyperventilating as a result of anxiety caused by ghost stories they told each other during the bus ride.

How long will it take Hollywood to make a movie out of this? They surely dig japanese ghost stories.

Mainichi Daily News